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EverGen plans expansion as IPO set to launch

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

The Globe and Mail | Jeffery Jones | August 4, 2021

EverGen CEO Chase Edgelow spoke to Globe & Mail reporter Jeff Jones about the company's IPO and plans for the future. Below is an excerpt of the piece, read the article in full here.

A company that aims to assemble a national network of renewable natural gas plants at landfill and compost sites is set to begin trading on Wednesday in a $20-million initial public offering...

EverGen plans to spend $200-million over the next two years adding facilities across the country and expanding its existing ones. The company decided to go public, Mr. Edgelow said, because it saw demand for environmentally and socially responsible investments.

“What we saw was a real fit for our company – the scale in terms of the build-out over the next couple years,” said Mr. Edgelow.

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