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Chris Perry

Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Chris holds a BSc (Honors) in Agriculture Technology and Management from Washington State University. Chris has been a board member for Economic Development Lethbridge and the Potato Growers of Alberta. In addition, Chris has been passionately involved in efforts supporting the growth of the Biogas industry in Alberta for the past fifteen years, including policy stakeholder engagement, regulatory development, GHG offset protocols, and lobby efforts for producer incentive programs.

The Perry family has a history of stewardship that spans four generations of farming in southern Alberta. Today, the Farm is a diverse operation comprising 5000 acres of irrigated land producing quality potatoes, seed canola, and cereals. The most significant carbon-aware investment the Farm made was to build, own and operate an organic waste-to-energy biogas facility commissioned in 2014: Grow the Energy Circle Ltd (GrowTEC).

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