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GrowTEC, located on the Perry Family farm near Lethbridge, Alberta, is a multi-faceted bioenergy venture of sustainable agriculture, integrating responsible best practices and renewable energy. At the core of GrowTEC is an operating farm scale biogas facility consisting of an anaerobic digester which, with additions to the facility, will process the biogas and upgrade it to RNG which will be tied into the local pipeline network. The Project has an offtake agreement with FortisBC and will contribute to FortisBC’s target to have at least 15% of its gas supply carbon neutral by 2030.


Phase 1 of the development is expected to produce 80,000 gigajoules of RNG annually, and the Phase 2 expansion is expected to add an additional 60,000 gigajoules of RNG annually for a total of 140,000 gigajoules of RNG production annually from the Project.


EverGen has partnered with GrowTEC as a 67% partner in the project.

Green Field
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